Signup for new user

  Signup the new user on Data Server.


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In the Email address, you need to use your own email Id with +1 (Example This will change on the last stage.

Login back to Data Server Admin account

Setup a user Access for following areas as show in screenshot

  • API
  • Connect
  • Web Loader

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Create Data Protection Key: Data Protection key is used for Two factor Authentication to secure the data and access the data.

Create Security Group in API ADMIN

Security Groups is created to control the access of interfaces. In the security group, client code, load code, interface code and process are specified to allow the data interface access to specific user. 

Click on New API Security Group

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Specify the policy 



"client_code":"qesdsds",              //   The client code
"load_code":"*",                         // * to indicates all load access
"interface_code":"*",               // * to Indicates all interface access,
                                           To restrict access to specific interface
                                           We can use following notation
                                           [“intercace code1”,“ interface code2”] instead *



If the security group is already existed, then we can skip this step “Create Security Group in API ADMIN” and directly jumped to the next Create new user security in API ADMIN.



Create new user security in API ADMIN

The Purpose of user security is to link the user and security group, so that user can access the interfaces which has been accessible to them.


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Select the User which is newly created 

Select the Security Group which is newly created or existed one.  


Final Steps to Test 

Login again with USER ID 

Graphical user interface

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Click on the “web loader” which will take you on following window:

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Enter the Data Protection key which has been setup in User Detail. 

Check the Client Name

Check Interfaces which have been accessible to a user.

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Check all access which has been provided. 




Change the user email ID 


Select the user profile and then change the email id to user’s actual email ID and update user details.


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Forward Login Details to Client

Forward the login details to user along with web loader setup guide document named: -“Toustone_Web Loader Quick Guide”.


Use the below template for sending login details along with above mentioned document. 

Good morning <USER_NAME>,


We have created an account for you to use the Toustone Web Loader. You will find your account details to access the Web Loader below. 


We will also be sending your Data Protection Key to you via SMS. Please confirm a mobile number and we will send your Key along.


After you login with the password below please navigate to the User Profile page and create a new password for yourself.





Account Details

Username: <username>

Password: <password>


You will find a document attached outlining the usage of the Web Loader.


If you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to send an email.